Visa's Innovation Centers invite Visa clients to experience new technologies and work through business challenges while discovering how Visa can provide solutions and new opportunities. The experience at the San Francisco center is led by a docent and guides visitors through the experience of receiving a new Visa card and shopping with it in various scenarios. I was responsible for designing four of these scenarios.

AGENCY // Spinifex Group
ROLE // UX & UI Design


Card Controls

The Card Controls kick off the Innovation experience. Visitors receive a Visa card, create a profile and customize the card's functionality to showcase Visa's card capabilities.


The purchasing experience moves from kiosk to phone for payment and retrieval of promotions, directions and tickets.

The City IoT experience shows Visa's integration into everyday experiences. Here, visitors are guided through the experience of purchasing tickets to an event through a sidewalk kiosk. They tap their card to pay and receive directions, promotions and tickets instantly on their phone.

Future of retail

The Visa Fashion Store provides the experience of shopping for and purchasing an item via phone, QR code and Smart Mirror integration.

Connected Cafe

As the tour ends, visitors can order a beverage at the Connected Cafe. This process can be done via phone, tablet or through the tour docent's tablet. Perks are received for paying with your Visa card.